What is Cultural Awareness?

Culture is a very broad term. It can refer to the beliefs and practices of a society or a group of people who live in the same location. It can also refer to the way that humans act creatively and to represent their experiences in symbols. Each society would have its own culture and within […]

Taking Care of Family Finances

Do you have arguments with your partner regarding money? It’s really not surprising if you do because financial matters are some of the most common causes of arguments between spouses. Those arguments can lead to other things and become cause for major misunderstandings. Money management is important, even critical to the happiness of a family. […]

Elements of Culture

To talk about culture is to talk about identity, basically. It is not just on an individual or personal level, but something that encompasses us as a whole. Culture is all about who and what we are all about, and what our impact is – individually and collectively – to ourselves, to others, and to […]