3 Awkward Questions Your Children Can Ask You

Raising a family can be quite a challenge. And those questions that remain unanswered are bound to be up and coming in the next early edition that sees no end. Some of those questions your child is going to surprise you with have the potential of leaving you seriously lost for words, blushing with shame you cannot control the situation. What is worse, that lovely munchkin stands tehre waiting and observing you carefully. Now who is your daddy?

What to Expect?

Say you are having this little tete a tete and the kid creeps in into the bedroom. It is dark and the only noises are those of heavy breathing. Dad, what are you doing? Here are some of the lamest answers ever.

I am teaching your mom how to do belly breathing/resusciate in case she chokes up on a piece of fruit.

Dad is having trouble with his stomach or is having nightmares, it is good you came, come on, jump on the bed so that mommy can give you a bear’s hug.

I was just trying to see if you hear me through the wall, kid.

Mom was getting very cold so I thought I could give her a massage you see honey boy.

And so on. Come up with your own answers to the riddle.

Growing up

Dad, why do we having those guests you swear you would never let in?

Kids expose or echo our sentiments but oftentimes demand the truth be told at all times, as they are not yet into deceit and lies just yet. That double ended sword is going to cut through any pack of lies sooner or later as they develop a more reasonable approach and know that lies can get them far in life, better than any outright piece of truth. You can expect to have to address that sooner than later and see those packs of white lies in your children. But don’t worry, who does not lie does not get far in life and is typically rejected by the pack of wolves.

Only Truth Matters

While you can hurt someone unintentionally by giving them a piece of mind and not beating around the bush, sometimes harsh truth is much better than nothing. Your children will come to accuse of hiding any truths from them, choosing a different kind of life and so on. Do they deserve the indifferent treatment ladled out in form of more lies as you see them as grown ups now ready to handle more lies coming from you? Expect things to happen as you grow.