Famous for Being Famous

A celebrity is a person who has a prominent role in the dealings of society. Celebrities are influential in varying degrees. A celebrity is someone who can be recognized by the public quite easily. It is also expected that they should be wealthy, though that’s not always the case. Those who are in the entertainment and the sports industries are the ones most commonly associated with being celebrities. They are the ones who are seen by the public a great deal and they also earn a lot of money.

With the development of the media including the internet however, we have more celebrities than ever before. Aside from the actors, TV personalities and athletes, we now have a whole new breed of celebrities to deal with. These are the internet celebrities who seem to make Warhol’s prophecy about people having their 15 minutes of fame come to life. They come and they go and they are never to be seen again after that.

While there are still many celebrities that are famous for the more traditional reasons, there are some that would not fall in that category. These are the celebrities who are famous for being famous. They are the celebrities that make us question the whole media setup.

We have compiled a list here of the people who are famous for dubious reasons.

Kim Kardashian

When you talk about a celebrity who is famous for being famous, the first person that would come to your mind probably has Kardashian for a last name and chances are that Kardashian who is the most famous of them all is Kim. The world first became familiar with the Kardashians when Robert Kardashian, became a lawyer for OJ Simpson. Robert passed away in 2003 because of cancer, but his family has moved out of his shadow since then, most specially Kim.

Kim Kardashian first garnered the public’s attention because of her friend Paris Hilton. She got into the headlines in 2007 after a sex tape with her then boyfriend Ray J was leaked. That same year she and her family were offered a contract to star in a reality TV series. The show is Keeping Up with the Kardashians and it has changed the way that people look at reality TV these days. It has also created a string on spinoffs like Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. Kim was on Dancing with the Stars, she has acted on her own movie, and she had her own album. We know that she can’t dance, act or sing and yet she’s still one of the most famous celebrities right now earning millions.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is probably the next biggest name that would come to your mind when you are thinking of celebrities who are famous for no good reason. Paris sure is beautiful and rich. She belongs to the family that founded and owns the Hilton chain of hotels, hence the name. Her career started when she became a model and she was still in her teens then. Paris garnered more attention when it was rumoured that she was having short affairs with notable celebrities.

Paris became really famous when a sex tape with her boyfriend Ricky Salomon came out in 2003. That was also the year that she came to star in a reality show. The show was called The Simple Life and it also featured Nicole Richie. She has since then landed supporting roles in movies, released her autobiography and released a studio album. Paris has starred in other shows and has launched her own perfume and fashion lines perfume lines.

The critics and even the admirers of Paris have said that she is the epitome of a person who isn’t famous because of his/her abilities and achievements, but because of her controversial lifestyle and in Paris’ case inherited wealth. She is earning millions from all her product endorsements and appearances.

Nicole Richie

Richie became famous for being the star of the reality show The Simple Life. Her co-star there was her childhood friend Paris Hilton. The show became a massive hit for Fox and it launched the two of them into stardom. The show lasted for several seasons. She was a favourite of tabloids during her stint with the show. She married Joe Madden. She has turned her attention to other things however after her reality TV stint. She has become an advocate of several issues. She has also appeared as a mentor in the show Fashion Star.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne now styles herself as a singer and songwriter, but the real reason for her celebrity status is that she is the daughter of the legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne. She has also appeared with her family in the hit reality TV show The Osbournes. She has also been a part of E!’s Fashion Police. Kelly was exposed to the kind of life that a celebrity leads because of her father. She went with him when he was on tour and because of that she has lived in so many homes.

Rick Salomon

Rick Salomon is the epitome of the male celebrity. He is the son of a former executive for Warner Bros.. He is most famous for having relationships with female celebrities. But his most famous exploit so far would be his sex tape with his then girlfriend Paris Hilton. His other celebrity connections include E.G. Daily, Shannen Doherty and Pamela Anderson. Salomon tried using his celebrity status in order to produce a few shows. Unfortunately, none of those were successful.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian’s major claim to fame is that she is a Kardashian and that seems to explain it all already. Khloe and her family started out in the TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and since then there have been numerous spin offs to the show. She married basketball player Lamar Odom shortly after their first meeting. Khloe filed for divorce last year. She has involved herself in the fashion and retail industry with the help of her sisters. She also did co-hosting duties for the American X Factor.


Nicole Elizabeth Polizzin or Snooki is another product of the reality show craze that we have today. She first became famous as a co-star of the reality show from MTV, Jersey Shore. She has also appeared on other shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the Late Show with David Letterman and even on WWE Raw. A spinoff of Jersey Shore was also produced for her to star in it together with fellow Jersey Shore star Jwoww. The show is unsurprisingly called Snooki & Jwoww. Snooki is one of the highest paid reality TV personalities today. She is said to get $150,000 for every episode of Jersey Shore that she appears enduring the fifth season. She has a strange appeal on the viewers which makes them want to watch her and yet they show disdain for her. She has been involved in some legal troubles as a consequence off her partying.

As you can see, most of these celebrities made their names through reality TV. It seems that reality TV is the way to get famous without having to do anything that would deserve the fame. Making a sex tape doesn’t really count as a legitimate way to becoming famous.